The Ultimate Theme Park, Walt Disney World, Orlando

If you are undecided about where to take the kids for a family day out, ask them! There is a good chance that Walt Disney World will not be far from their thoughts. This is a must visit place for any child, young or old, the ultimate in theme parks, and absolutely massive!!

Walt Disney World includes an amazing two water parks, four mini-golf courses, a shopping area but most interesting of all for the kids, four theme parks. This family orientated World is a childs dream, but what do you visit first?

Magic Kingdom

Set in an amazing 107 acres, the Magic Kingdom is split into seven different lands, which include Main Street USA, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Liberty Square, Adventureland, Fronteirland and Mickeys Toontown Fair. A truly great variety of entertainment for the kids, which is based on the original Disney Land Park. Something the kids will never forget!


The Epcot Park is split into two different sections, Future World and World Showcase. The Future world consists of various areas dedicated to energy, space, environment, imagination, technology and the automotive industry.

The World Showcase represents 11 different nations, giving the children a view of different foods, entertainment and aspects of life in other countries. The children will find it very educational, but fun at the same time.

Disney-MGM Studios

This is perhaps the ultimate dream for the kids, a movie themed show park where they have every chance of running into their favourite Disney characters. Add in the 강남노래방 thrill of the vast array of rides to hand, and you could be spending some amount of time here! Make sure you bring the refreshments.

Animal Kingdom

An interesting blend of traditional Zoo, together with a few exciting rides. There are a number of highlights to the Animal Kingdom, but the Jeep Safari is a must before you finally leave.

What more can you say about Walt Disney World? Not to be missed.

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